Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another TJ Maxx Shopping Trip!


I am excited to share with you all, that I had the opportunity to take part in another TJ Maxx campaign like I did a couple months ago. You can read about my past shopping trip here.

I love TJ Maxx. I love the fact that the products are always changing. There is always something new and fun to buy there. I have said this before and I will say this again. TJ Maxx has a bad rep from some people. TJ Maxx isn’t less quality it is just over stock or discontinued merchandise. The only thing that could be considered “dysfunctional” about clothing at TJ Maxx is that they take a marker and draw a line on the tag. They do that so a customer can’t take it back to a high end store and try and be dishonest and return it. It doesn’t affect the quality or the brand. They do it protect the designer and the stores. I completely understood when I figured out why they did that.

I am so happy to have the chance to share my latest deals I picked up at TJ Maxx. Here is what I got all for under 50 dollars total. Noah loves puzzles; he can put his 12 piece puzzle together backwards without looking at the picture. So, I thought it was time to get him something a little more challenging. I got him a 24 piece Very Hungry Caterpillar puzzle that he absolutely loves. It’s definitely a challenge but he will figure it out with some practice. Noah’s new puzzle was $3.99.

I also got a huge soft blanket. I like to have a blanket when I sit on the couch and Noah will take his blanket away from me when I use it. I love my new blanket. It is so pretty and definitely one that I can snuggle up in and be fully covered vs. a little blanket that barely covers me. What a cozy thing to buy myself! My blanket was $12.99! This is a deluxe blanket. I totally got a great deal.

I bought some Dearform Slippers too. If you guys haven’t figured out I am all about comfort when I am at home. I really needed new slippers the soles were really worn out. The bottoms were full of holes. My new slippers were $6.99. My last pair of slippers was $12.00 on clearance at another store. That is almost half price!

I love garlic so I got some Garlic infused oil. It is gourmet oil and you can see the chunks of garlic in it. It seems like the gourmet foods section has more options this time. It might be because it’s getting close to Thanksgiving and Christmas. The shelves were over flowing with interesting products most of them brand names that I have heard of. My delicious garlic infused oil was $3.99

Not sure exactly why I bought Funnel Cake Mix. I love funnel cakes and I bought a funnel a while back. I used to have a “funnel cake maker” but instead of buying another I decided to just do it myself. I haven’t had time to look up a recipe so I figured the mix was the best way to go. I can’t wait to make some delicious fresh funnel cakes. Noah really likes them too. The funnel cake mix was $2.99.

I got a set of small paring knives. They are really cool. They come with little covers and one of them is a Santoku knife, which is my favorite kind of knife. They are the ones with the circles or oval indentations in the blade. I love to cook and chop up garlic and onions so good knives are a must for me. I scored my set of 2 knives for $6.99

I picked up some panty hose too for those formal occasions. I don’t really have much to say about those. They were $4.99 which is a good price in my opinion.

Ever heard of Reindeer Corn? It is holiday gourmet candy corn. I used to get little packs of it at another store around Christmas. When I saw it I was so excited because it has been a while since I have had any. My TJ Maxx has lots of cool Christmas things everything from decorations to DVD's to specialty holiday foods like Panettone Cake. My Reindeer Corn was $3.99. A little bag would cost 99 cents at that other store and this bag is large so what a great deal.

So for less than FIFTY dollars, I got a puzzle, a huge blanket, a set of knives, panty hose, slippers, garlic oil, funnel cake mix, and Reindeer corn all at TJ Maxx. If my first shopping trip didn’t get you to go to your nearest TJ Maxx then maybe this one will. Just think of the bargains you could get!

Thank You to TJ Maxx for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful campaign.

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