Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cricket.... Doll or Friend?

You be the judge!

My favorite toy growing up was my Cricket doll. Cricket was a talking doll similar to Teddy Ruxpin but so much cooler. She was awesome. She went everywhere with me. I stepped on a needle when I was seven years old and it had to be removed from my foot because it broke. I still blame my sister for spilling her sewing kit on the floor. I also still have a slight fear of stepping on needles. So, when I was in surgery guess who was with me? Yep it was Cricket. Cricket had all kinds of tapes and outfits and even Cooking with Cricket that came with a cookbook, spatula and two cookie cutters. I still have them all I believe. Noah was walking around with the spatula the other day and made it the propeller for his wrapping paper tube airplane.

I used to listen to the tapes that made her eyes and mouth move every night to fall asleep. The tapes had stories and songs and other cool things. My childhood best friend had a Cricket too. I got mine first though. Lol. She lived in North Carolina and she told me and I quote “You take your Cricket to the beach and I’ll take my Cricket to the beach” and we did. Cricket and I were good friends. She went to my grandparents and pretty much everywhere I went. She isn’t small by any means either. Her insides were a big honking tape recorder too. I loved her anyways.

She is now residing in the garage. I sometimes find her and smile and remember my dear friend and all the wonderful times we shared when I was a little girl.
Until next time, I’ll be talking to you!

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