Saturday, February 20, 2010

I took a risk on buying Risk

As some of you know my favorite board game is Risk which is made by Hasbro. I started playing it with my ex. I needed to buy a new one so I waited until yesterday. Risk is expensive. It was 26 dollars, that is more than I would spend on a board game but I had wanted it for so long, I decided to get it. I wanted to teach my mom how to play since she’d never played before. I am undefeated in the game and so I was really excited as I said before it is my favorite game. I thought about it all last night. I couldn’t sleep because it had been so long since I had played.

I opened the game and my heart sank. It wasn’t the same game I remembered. Instead of horses and cannons it was arrows. Instead of Risk cards that are cavalry, infantry and whatever the other one was they were all territory cards with stars. There were now cities too. I was so disappointed because it wasn’t what I thought it was. I decided to put it away and then play another game with my mom.

If you want to buy Risk and are used to I guess the old version don’t buy the one that is in stores or you will be sorely disappointed like I am. Now I guess I am on a mission to find the old version of Risk with all the pieces. This might not be as easy as I think and probably will be equally or more expensive.


  1. I know how you feel. I just saw a commercial on the "new" monopoly-- it has a ATM card instead of cash. Sad!

  2. Both your story and the previous comment are sad. And make me feel old! Personally I would write a letter to Hasbro expressing my disappointment. And I would also take the game back if it was not what you expected. Then put an ad up on your local freecycle asking if anyone will give you the old game.