Monday, February 1, 2010

What did you say?

What it do is a popular slang word these days. I always wonder what does what do? I don’t really understand most of these slang words these days. Oh man I sound old. I am 28 but I just don’t get it. I am sure people didn’t understand what groovy meant at some point and time. Just like I am sure my mom didn’t understand why I would say something.

Actually I take that back, my mom knows more slang words than I do. I had to ask HER on several occasions what something meant. She is a teacher and she has taught in some pretty bad areas. So she is well versed in slang. My favorite thing my mom has said is when a kid didn’t think she would know who 50 cent is , my mom said (and I quote) “Please, I knew fifty cent went he was just a nickel.” I thought that was classic. My mom is funny like that.

I know I probably sound like I am going to say whipper snapper at any minute and talk about walking to school barefoot up hill for 3 miles. I did used to walk from the stadium to school and it was uphill but that is beside the point. I guess now that I am older and no doubt wiser I just don’t understand why people say those ridiculous things. I guess I decided that when I was about 20ish I would sound like an adult. After all I am a mom now. My son will repeat what I say at given moment. I want to make sure what I say isn’t a bunch of gibberish. He talks enough gibberish on his own. I don’t need to feed him more.

I really don’t understand today’s teenagers. I think it is disgraceful. I don’t see what is so great about going out and doing God knows what with who ever it is you find that day without any recourse. I don’t understand why people dress the way they do with their hineys hanging out etc. I guess I have always dressed modestly. That was the way that I was brought up. I am fully covered at all times. I just don’t know what society is feeding the younger people these days. It’s kind of sad if you think about it.


  1. I agree, we recently made a rule for out scouts to wear belts, we have 2 teens that have the pants below with boxers hanging out the top.. they are good kids.. but the fashions need to change a bit

    And I am not a bit fan of lip and eye brow rings.. I can't stop starring when I see these on kids.