Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let's talk about Sexual Harassment.

I want to talk to you about sexual harassment and how it not acceptable in any situation. It can happen to anyone anywhere. I thought I would share my story where I was sexually harassed by a car salesman. I was out with my old best friend one day like any other day, on this day we decided to go look at cars because she wanted to get a new one. I can’t remember the reason why now. We walked in to the local Acura car dealership and was greeted by a man named Bob. He was older and was in his late sixties. We found a car that she liked and we decided to take it out for a test drive. No big deal right? My old best friend ended up falling in love with the car and buying it.

Shortly after, I am talking a couple days after the phone calls started from Bob. The first call was about how she liked the car which we thought was normal. Then he would call everyday and he kept talking about taking us out to lunch. We didn’t think anything of it. We thought he was just trying to be nice after he obviously got a hefty commission from her new car. He would say things like I wanna take you girls out and show you a good time. We grew up in a very safe community together; the worst thing that had happened that we knew of was a triple murder when we were in sixth grade and at that time nothing like that had happened again. I guess we were naive and sheltered safe behind the city limits of where we grew up.

My old best friend decided she wanted to get a spoiler on her car. At the time she had started to develop really bad migraines. We went to the local Acura dealership again to get the spoiler put on and there was Bob. We tried to avoid him since he had been harassing us calling us on a frequent basis. I was living with her at the time so I knew when and how often he would call. The calls got weirder and weirder and it got to the point that the calls were sent to voicemail. I can still hear his creepy voice in my head almost 5 years later.

Well, he ended up being in the service area when we arrived. We were polite to him of course. He asked us how we were doing. I said I was fine or good or something along those lines. My old best friend mentioned her migraines to him because they were really bad. He responded by telling his about his problems with his male part in detail like we were his doctor or a good friend. It was and still is disturbing.

I really don’t want to know about some strangers penile problems. The other people that worked at Acura that overheard it didn’t say anything like that is inappropriate. Normal people don’t sit there and talk about their privates with a complete stranger or a customer. The calls continued until we got in to the car accident and the car was totaled. Every time I see the Acura dealership I think of Bob and get the chills. I wonder how many others are victims of Bob’s Sexual Harassment and obsessive phone calls.

Sexual harassment is not acceptable at all. You have the right to be out in public without someone making lewd comments or gestures at you. Some people think they have the right to say or do whatever they want without thinking about how it will affect others. Have you ever been a victim? We need to make a stand and use our voices and speak out against Sexual Harassment.


  1. I love seeing bloggers be open enough to post about stuff such as this. I think most people have or will deal with sexual harassment or similar problems at some point in their lives and sadly it's one of those 'hushed' topics that really shouldn't be hushed. I'm 18 and have already had issues with sexual harassment. The situation was somewhat better I suppose, because I was 17 and the person who did it was 16 but it was still creepy and scary. Thankfully it happened at school and I was able to report the problem, and having went to a tiny school in a tiny hick town, the teacher who ran the class that it as happening in, and the principal were both somewhat old fashioned but they were both really outraged and probably overreacted and got the kid in more trouble than he deserved...but it was nice to feel protected and see it get dealt with.

  2. OMG what an awful story. Thankfully I have never heard of anything like that from a car salesman. I'm glad he finally left you both alone!

  3. The horrid thing about these type of incidences is that they end up making you feel dirty. I experiences this from a co-worker while being an engineer. Hated going in to work everyday. Finally while having my review I mentioned it to the manager and it was reported.

  4. What a terrible story but I'm glad you are able to share it and raise awareness!

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