Monday, May 24, 2010

OnTray Review!


Ever since I can remember, I have enjoyed those free samples at the grocery store. The more samples the better. I have passed that on to Noah, and he almost always samples something at the store. Normally it is a free cookie from the bakery. I try not to give him the whole thing at once because knowing him he would gobble it right up. I also am trying to teach him to savor his food like I do. I think it is a lot more enjoyable when you take your time to eat. When I get him a cookie I try and break it in to pieces, but it is really hard to push a cart while holding a cookie and protecting it from the germs of the handle. So, when I had the opportunity to review an OnTray I was really excited because many times I have had trouble steering the cart when I am holding all kinds of snacks for Noah.


OnTray is a brilliant invention created by Laura Hamrick who is a mother of three, to make shopping easier when you are shopping with small children. It is a little covered tray that you can put snacks in or coupons in to keep your hands free while you are pushing the shopping cart. You could even fill it with snacks from home if you are not a big sample person like I am. I personally can’t stand when people open things in the store without paying for them first so, it is free samples or a snack from home for my family.

When I received the OnTray, I wanted to go to the store immediately, to try it out. It is such a practical item and definitely made our trip to the grocery store easier. Sometimes I prefill the OnTray, other times I bring it empty. It just depends where we are going. I am pretty familiar with what stores have the free cookies, crackers and other items to try. It is great for things like Cheerios and Goldfish. It works so much better than a plastic bag because Noah tends to spill the bag. Sometimes he isn’t paying attention or he has trouble reaching the bottom of the bag, he just turns it upside down. Then it is like we are Hansel and Gretel and we leave a trail of food behind us in the store or there is a bunch of Cheerios all over the floor in an aisle. I don’t like to make messes and getting smashed up cereal in my shoes is such a pain.

I really like that it costs only $7.00 which is such a bargain for such a lifesaver item. That way if you forget the OnTray on the cart it is easy to replace or have spares. They are also safe for the top rack of the dishwasher making clean up a snap. It is also BPA Free and made in the USA. You could even heat up some chicken nuggets in it in the microwave with the lid off and then take it and go. Some families are really busy and I have seen people bring in what I consider meals in to the grocery store because there is just not time otherwise. Thankfully my family is not that busy and I hope we never are.

For more information please check out the OnTray Website

The OnTray is available at Babies R us and other retailers.

Thank you to OnTray for sending me a complimentary OnTray for my family to try out.

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  1. I totally want one of these!! Great review!

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