Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Ice Cream Man Drives Me Crazy!

I really need to get something off my chest. This is kind of a silly rant but I need to share it. Feel free to poke fun at me for this. It’s Summer and the ice cream man comes to my neighborhood. I would not pay 3 dollars for something I could go to the grocery store and buy a box for a dollar more than it would cost to buy it off the truck. Growing up I used to love the ice cream man and I thought it was really cool and he also sold candy. I have always really liked candy too. So I would get an ice cream treat and a few pieces of taffy or maybe a candy bar. That was undoubtedly 20 years ago or so. I remember when it would cost 50 cents for an ice cream sandwich. Yes, I realize I just sounded like I was 80 years old remembering the good old days. Of course now with “inflation” everything costs a lot more. Makes sense to me. I guess there are people out there that will pay those prices since the ice cream man comes around still. It is just not for me.

That is not what bothers me. What bothers me is our particular ice cream man. His truck plays a song that I can’t identify it is kind of like Pop Goes the Weasel and Turkey in the Straw. I am sure you are thinking OK ten minutes tops a day. Just tune it out. This particular ice cream man drives around and around my neighborhood all day it seems like. We live in the back of the neighborhood so it’s not like I am hearing it on the street behind me. It also likes to park in front of my house! Silly me I know!

Last night I was sitting outside and I hear the ice cream truck this is after dinner. If you are someone who knows me well you know I personally don’t normally eat until around 8 PM. I sit with Noah when he eats and we chat and color and draw and whatever he wants to do I just am not hungry. I occasionally will have a snack while he is eating. I look at my phone to see what time it is. It was 8:40 pm. What on earth is the ice cream man doing driving around my neighborhood at 8:40 pm with the music blaring going around and around? I heard it again a couple more times later. It was thundering and lightening by then. I am not sure a parent would let their children go buy ice cream that late or especially in a nasty storm. I guess in the ice cream man’s defense it doesn’t start to get dark until after 9 pm. Thankfully Noah doesn’t really know about the ice cream man, he just knows it’s a truck that plays music.

Do you purchase items from the ice cream man? If you do what are your favorites? If not do you think it is silly to pay those prices? Let me know your thoughts!


  1. lol!! Yeah, very odd he was out that late and a storm was brewing lol

    I have the opposite problem..I rarely SEE my ice cream man and when I do, he literally whizzes right on by fast like haha

    I have good memories of the ice cream truck too...Our new guy even has softserve which is odd to me for an ice cream truck..I always loved the sno cones..the ones pre-frozen in the clear wrapper lol

  2. That's pretty creepy!~ Why is he driving around at 8:40? Strange!