Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Cupcake Girls

I am not huge on watching what I call fad cooking shows. You know what I am talking about cake shows except for Food Network Challenge. I noticed a while back the trend is now cupcake shows. One network started doing one and then every channel that has cake shows now has a cupcake show. I understand that cupcakes are huge right now. I decided not to watch any of the cupcake shows because seriously….how many different ways can you decorate and make cupcakes? Competition shows also get on my nerves. It is never anything different. Same show, different network. I would like to see some originality in the programming on TV. It seems like the same concept is used over and over again. That is a whole other blog post though.

One Saturday night recently I was watching TV. I decided to start watching a show on WE called The Cupcake Girls. There was nothing else on and the description on my cable box sounded appealing. So I checked it out. I fell in love with the show. It is not a show about cupcakes, how to make them or someone who is judging others making them. It is a show about two best friends in Canada that happen to own a cupcake business. I really enjoy watching Lori and Heather’s adventures. I love the dynamics of the show. It is so interesting because they don’t know how to bake, they are best friends and they don’t just talk about cupcakes. I love cupcakes more than probably anyone in the world, but like I said just watching people make cupcakes, decorate cupcakes to me is boring and makes me really hungry.

The really cool thing about the show is also that they show you how hard it really is to run a business. It seems like every show they have some kind of obstacle to overcome in their business. They are able to go through all these challenges and are able to be best friends at the end of the day. I love all of the Cupcakes staff too. They all seem like they are really nice people. It makes me want to go to Vancouver and go to Cupcakes and buy some delicious treats. I am really hoping that they achieve their dream of having their cupcake bakeries in every neighborhood in North America. I would gladly open a Cupcakes bakery if I had the revenue. Baking cupcakes for a living would be a great job. I would have to be rolled home in a wheel barrow every day because I would eat cupcakes all day. They also came up with a cupcake mix that you can take home and make it with your kids. I bet it is delicious. I would love to sample some of their cupcakes someday.

I have to share with you guys about Cadence. She is one of the girls that work the counter at Cupcakes. She is so funny and sees like she could make anyone smile. I hadn’t seen her on a couple of the episodes and I was very worried that Cadence wasn’t working there anymore. Thankfully I saw her, because that would have made me sad because she is a great support person on the show. Cadence definitely has her moments. She has had to scrub the toilets with a toothbrush and clean the bathrooms on the show a few times I suspect because she is too nice to say anything to the customer. I really think that Cadence has a great heart.

Another thing I really like about The Cupcake Girls is how it's like Lori and Heather are your friends and you share in their heartbreaks and victories. I know when Lori found out she was pregnant I started crying. I cried when they showed her ultrasound on the show because she had been trying for so long. I found on their Facebook page that Lori had a boy. I am so happy for her. I really love The Cupcake Girls. Do you watch the show? What do you think?

It is on WE on Saturday Nights. The new episodes are at 9:00 pm and 9:30 pm ET. It is also on at other times too. Check your local listings. It is definitely worth watching.

Sadly, I did not receive any cupcakes for this post, but Lori and Heather if you want to send me some, please don’t hesitate to do so.


  1. Never heard of this before other than the text you sent me the other day. Sounds interesting.

  2. Ive never watched that show, but im a bit obsessed with cupcakes lately. I will have to DVR this one. I also love DC cupcakes.