Monday, September 27, 2010

Kid's TV Shows Questions

I am a mom of a 4 year old. We watch a lot of kid’s shows. There are many questions I have about the shows. Yes, I think about things like this. I am wondering why certain shows are the way they are. I know that one of the biggest questions parents have is where are Max and Ruby’s parents? I actually looked it up and the author and creator of Max and Ruby wanted kids to learn how to solve problems on their own. Max and Ruby are not orphans that live alone, so no need to call CPS on Max and Ruby’s parents. They are there somewhere. Perhaps locked in a closet or the attic somewhere, I wonder why they have grandma though. I love how they make it seem like grandma lives far away when in reality she lives next door. I really don’t care for the fact that Max is allowed to go to the store by himself when he is probably no more than 4. I know it is a cartoon but not all kids grasp the fact that it is make believe.

Noah likes to watch Franklin. I was thinking about it and started wondering why all of Franklin’s friends are named what kind of animal they are. Bear, Otter, Beaver, and Porcupine for example. Why does Franklin have a real name and why isn’t he called turtle. Maybe it is to distinguish him from everyone else or maybe Franklin’s parents are just more creative. What if another beaver or bear move in the woods then what would they be named? Bear 2 and Beaver 2? Do they have last names? Maybe they really have first names and they go by their last names, but why not Franklin?

I know that is a common occurrence in children’s shows. Now I am thinking about The Berenstain Bears. Why Brother and Sister are called Brother and Sister. I know they are brother and sister but everyone else calls them brother and sister too. What about Mama and Papa Bear. Everyone including other adults call them Mama and Papa. What were their names when they were little? What are the odds that if their parents really named them Mama and Papa they would fall in love and get married? Unless it was an arranged marriage, I don’t see it being possible. I know all of Brother and Sister’s friends have first and last names. Sister’s friend Lizzie Bruin’s parents are called Mr. and Mrs. Bruin. I have no idea.

I am sure I am way overanalyzing these shows but, it ,makes you think about things. I remember the time I looked up why Caillou is bald. I wonder about things like that. I am a dork and I am the first to admit so. In case you are wondering, Caillou is bald because the creator of Caillou wanted to make it so all children can relate with Caillou equally by giving him no hair.

What are some of your kid show questions? I hope this helped clear up some of your questions you have been losing sleep over.


  1. I want to know when the Man in the Yellow Hat is going to marry the professor he is always hanging out with on Curious George. I also want to know when Bob is going to marry Wendy on Bob the builder. These couples are always together.

  2. I've had the same question about Max and Ruby - thanks for shedding light!