Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Photos and Prompts Day 1 About me!

Here is a photo of me in my pajamas. The reason I am in my pajamas is because, I love to wear my comfy pajamas and I also love Victoria’s Secret. So, I thought this picture would be very appropriate.

Here are 10 facts about me:

1. I have a fascination with Serial Killers. I love learning about them. But I hate scary movies and get really scared really easily.

2. When I was 7 I stepped on a needle and had to get it removed by getting surgery. My sister spilled her sewing basket all over the floor and missed a needle.

3. I am the baby in the family. I have an older sister. I am also the youngest grandchild on my mom’s side.

4. I have had the same two cats that I got the summer before I was in the 6th grade when they were 6 weeks old. They are named Lucy and Lexy.

5. When my grandma first had Alzheimer’s disease, I took care of her and moved in with her. Later she moved in with us later on where I took care of her again.

6. I know most of Billy Joel’s, Carly Simon’s and Simon and Garfunkel’s songs by heart because we used to sing them on family car trips.

7. When I was 5 years old, I thought that I could go home with my cousins that lived in Texas in my Humpty Dumpty toy box.

8. Certain movies make me cry like My Girl. It doesn’t matter how many times I see it, I still cry, it never fails.

9. I love the British show Absolutely Fabulous and recently bought the Absolutely Everything DVD set.

10. I have a really bad habit of buying DVD’s I have never seen and never watching them. I have had Fatal Attraction since 2007 and I still haven’t watched it for example.

I am participating in 31 Days of Photos and Prompts started by It’s Gravy Baby. To check out the list and play along please visit her website. There is also a linky in on her blog to link up to all the other blogs participating.


  1. That was so great of you to take care of your grandmother!

    I would never have guessed you to have a serial killer fascination and to be scared of scary movies LOL

  2. LOVE me some Ab Fab Sweetie Dahling!!!

  3. I have the same problem with movies I will cry every time I see them. the needle surgery dose not sound like fun. Thanks for sharing. Have A Great Day

  4. Ouchie to the needle in your foot! I used to say that Billy Joel wrote his song, "You May Be Right" about me, cause I just might be a lunatic!

  5. You are unbelievably cute! I was going to dance to "Always A Woman To Me" at my wedding but it never happened. I love serial killer stuff too, I think I'd be a great profiler. Abfab is funny!