Friday, May 6, 2011

I Really Need to Get a Kitchen Cart for my Appliances.

Since I love to cook, I naturally have a lot of kitchen appliances. I have so many that I don’t have enough cabinet space. I have a lot of cabinets, just not any room. I try not to have a bunch of appliances on the counter except for my pride and joy, my stand mixer. Right now half of my appliances are on a metal bookcase in the laundry room, I really need to get one of those kitchen carts on wheels so I don’t have to make five trips when I need a lot of appliances. I could just wheel it in the kitchen when I need something. However I could see Noah wheeling it all over the house pretending it was a rocket or a train. Actually he is pretty good at not touching what he isn’t supposed to.

My laundry room isn’t too big. The spot that I would put the cart would be the same. Since it would be a tight fit, I would have to look at narrow kitchen carts. It would also have to have plenty of room so I can put everything on it. I would prefer a taller skinnier one then one that is bulky and hard to move and that sticks out really far. My laundry room is set up perfectly and everything has its place. It houses my washer and dryer and furnace and some other items. I have a habit of walking in the laundry room in the dark, so if it was a huge cart I would knock it over or end up hurting myself. Neither of those are a good thing.

I also considered installing some shelves in the laundry room or in the kitchen but I am not a handy person at all. It takes me forever to put Noah’s toys together, I fought with his play tent for about 30 minutes the other day. Like I said before I want something with wheels so I can move it around. I may decide to get a free standing cart to put in my breakfast nook, but then I would have to move Noah’s Easel. I can’t wait to start shopping for a new cart with wheels that I will keep in the laundry room. It’s better than the garage and out of the way at the same time.


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