Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Dream Honeymoon, Now I Need My Dream Man

I am sure you are all are aware that I am divorced.  I would love to get remarried some day, if the right guy comes along.  I think the next and hopefully the last time I get married I would love to have a really exotic honeymoon. On my first honeymoon, we went to Clearwater Florida. I absolutely love Florida but I would really like to go somewhere new. I have been to Florida many times.  I would love to go somewhere with a beach and somewhere that is warm.  I love going to the beach, it is beautiful and words really can’t describe how amazing it really is.  It is just gorgeous.  I love to parasail too so I would love to parasail with my new husband.  I think it would be cool to get married while parasailing but I don’t really see how that would be possible unless there are harnesses for more than two people.

I know I am describing many places. I could really be talking about anywhere, but I would love to go to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. My cousin Erin went to Costa Rica for her honeymoon and I remember how beautiful the pictures were. I looked like such a paradise.  I decided I would like to go there one day too. I have always looked up to my cousin Erin. I remember wanting to be the same age as her when I got married.  So, now that I have my honeymoon destination picked out, now I just have to find the right guy to marry.

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