Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Favorite Holiday Planning Tips

I can’t believe that the holidays are just around the corner again. It seems like we just had them.  I wanted to share some holiday planning tips with you to help you make your holiday season easier, and more memorable. The holidays are a great time for family to spend together.
1.Start new traditions with your family. Traditions have to start somewhere, so why not try something new like baking or watching a certain movie every year.

2.Remember that it is never too early to start your holiday shopping. Some people even start the day after Christmas when there are great sales.

3.Order and address your holiday cards early. I know that is something I tend to forget to do. Then when it time for your holiday cards to be sent, you can just pop them in the mail.

4.You can make really cute homemade ornaments to add your own special touch to your tree or your yard. I still have ones I made probably when I was my son’s age.

5.Use an online retailer for your unique holiday cards, to save time having to go to tons of stores to find the perfect card. I really like the designs of the Storkie Christmas cards.

6.Shop online for gifts that way you can shop at 3 or 4 am and your children will have no idea what they are getting. This is a must if you are a single parent.

7.Plan your holiday menus early so you can anticipate the meal. My family always has appetizers on Christmas Eve, so it is fun to pick out what we are going to have.

8.Holiday card pictures don’t have to be holiday photos. You can use the perfect family picture you took on vacation or just your favorite picture from that year. One year my sister used a photo from her wedding.

9.Organize your ornaments in totes and keep them all together. I keep mine in red and green totes. I have tons of totes so when it comes to decorate I know exactly where they are without having to open every tote looking.

10. Wrap Christmas lights carefully and put them in brown lunch sacks. They won’t have a chance            to get tangled with the other strands.

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