Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sanity-Saving Objects for the Overworked Parent

Saving your sanity as a parent is a task best suited for things that don’t talk; namely, anything but other people.  OK, we’re just kidding for the most part, but there certainly are some physical things that can’t walk and talk that can help you find that inner peace you’ve been searching for, if even for only a few minutes.  So kick back, unwind, and pretend that you just don’t have any children with any of these items that an overworked parent should not be without.

Bath Robes

Few things are as relaxing to the major muscle groups in your body, as well as to a pounding headache, as a nice hot bath.  If you’re finding it difficult to get just a few minutes to yourself, a long bath is the perfect opportunity, because once you’re behind the bathroom door, even your kids can’t get to you (just be sure another adult or babysitter is watching them while you soak).  To make the exquisite experience last even longer, you should wear a luxury bath robe after getting out of the tub.  Comfortable, classy, and warm, these types of bath robes help you feel like a million bucks, even if you end up eating boxed macaroni and cheese afterward.


When the word ‘headphones’ is mentioned, we’re not talking about that flimsy five dollar pair you picked up at Walmart or CVS.  We’re talking about high quality, noise reducing, comfortable to wear headphones.  Listening to your favorite music can be soothing, and sometimes a five minute break to hear your anthem can rouse you enough to keep going, even on a very long, busy day.

The Chair

The title for this section is vaguely described on purpose, mainly because there are no set descriptive characteristics you need have on your favorite chair.  Whatever couch, chair, or beanbag you decide to use is up to you, but whatever one you do select, it should be off-limits to the kids.  That way, when you need to sink into a comfy seat, there isn’t any competition from the kids, and you can restore your peace of mind before the kids restore chaos to your household.

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