Friday, June 15, 2012

God Bumps vs Goose Bumps

I am sure everyone has had goose bumps.  It is a normal thing that happens to you when you are cold or someone sneaks up on you. I am not sure exactly what causes goose bumps. It is just a weird reaction your body gives to cold and your hair stands up and your skin is covered in tiny bumps. I don’t like the feeling of goose bumps usually because that means I am really cold, which I don’t like what so ever or someone or something scared me, and I am a baby when it comes to getting scared.  The only time I like when my skin is bumpy and my hair stands up on end is when I have what I call God Bumps.   The name came from my ex’s aunt and I totally made it my own. 

What are God Bumps you are wondering? It is one of the most amazing feelings ever! It is when the Holy Spirit has filled you and you can feel God’s presence.  You are in awe and at the same time so calm and at peace with everything that your body just gives you that same goose bump feeling.  It is weird that something that you get from being cold and scared can also happen when you are so happy and in awe.   I think that when I feel God’s presence my heart is about to burst from God’s Love.  I have had God Bumps many times, usually when I am praying or talking to God.  Talking to God and praying is something I do often.   Other times I have been talking to others or just thinking about something and bam I just get a wave of the Holy Spirit and God Bumps.  I believe that you can definitely feel the Holy Spirit come in your body. It is really one of the best feelings, if you are stressed, worried, scared, in pain or whatever is on your mind just melts away in your mind and you are at ease.  It can be referred as being drunk in the Holy Spirit because you just feel that same way. You just feel happy and giddy and you aren’t feeling this way because you are consuming alcohol, you are consuming The Holy Spirit and God’s Love.

Have you ever had God Bumps?

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  1. Yes. I have the exact same experience when I pray,