Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Do You Remember Mr.Sketch Markers?

When I was young, I loved playing school and coloring as a lot of little girls do. I also loved markers, just not any markers but Mr. Sketch markers.  I am sure if the name Mr. Sketch doesn’t ring a bell the words scented markers will. I remember being so excited the first time I was able to get my very own set of Mr. Sketch markers. Those were the it thing back then.  I would smell them more than I would use them it seemed because they smelled so good.  They were thankfully save for me to do so, not like Sharpies that would make you feel light headed if you weren’t in a well ventilated area.   I remember coloring with them with my friends and how cool they were.  I knew they were still around as I had seen them at stores. I almost bought some a number of times, but I decided not to. We went to Office Depot today and there they were calling my name. I saw that they were on sale for five dollars, when they are normally ten dollars. I loved the markers but I wasn’t going to pay ten dollars for them. I didn’t love them that much. So, I bought some. I think I bought them a while back too, because I remember finding them but they could just be really old markers. There were only two of them that I found so I think they were tucked away in a box somewhere through the years.

So I am the very proud owner of twelve Mr. Sketch markers.  Noah was amazed by them and tried very hard to get me to give them to him. I will let him use them closely supervised as markers and almost 6 year olds should be.  I am not sure he knows that they are scented I mentioned it and he asked if he could smell but I am excited to see his little face light up at the different scents.  Don’t ask me what my favorite scent is because I love a lot of them. Watermelon, Cherry, Blueberry, Licorice, and so on are all awesome. I love sharing things from my childhood with my son. I think it makes it even more special for both of us.

Did you have scented markers as a kid? What was your favorite scent?

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