Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Noah and I Love Playing Bingo

It has been almost a year since Noah's first Bingo game on the cruise. He still talks about wanting to play bingo and how much fun he had. He actually asks me if game shows were bingo. They had the lights and music like the games we went to.  We have seen bingo halls around that he points out. My almost six year old can read the word bingo. I am not sure how old you have to be to go to a bingo hall but if he's old enough... It's a date.  I think it would be fun to play with him again. He is a good luck charm.  He will surely bring smiles to the other player’s faces.  He gets so excited with each number called. His little face lights up.  Winning at bingo isn’t important to me, it would be great but I love to play.  I decided to Google it and there are lots of places to play bingo around me every day of the week. I guess I will have to call them and see if he can accompany me. I know that he isn’t old enough to play himself because you have to be 18 or 21 to win so, he would be there for moral support and as my good luck charm.  That way I don’t need to enlist a babysitter to watch him too.

 I haven't told him yet that he will probably play bingo in school. He has requested fish bingo and transportation bingo games.  When kids play bingo it can be a fun and educational game.  I remember playing color and shape bingo. There are even math bingos where you have to solve the math problem to know if your number was called. I had some teachers that would make their own themed bingo games for holidays. I think I will make some bingo games for Noah to practice reading and spelling words. I hope playing bingo will be another tool to help him learn.  I also hope he gets the same joy I did when I played bingo in school. 

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