Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remember Tia and Tamera?

Do you remember the show Sister, Sister? It is the one about the twins Tia and Tamera that find out that they are twins at a shopping mall. They were both adopted by another family.  After they find each other they move in together along with their very unique parents.  I really loved that show growing up.  Heck I still love it. I watched it yesterday.  It is a good show, with good moral values.  Sure the twins got in trouble but it was always a wholesome show where you felt good after watching it. I remember when I was on vacation when I was younger I saw Tia and Tamera at the grocery store. I don’t think I said anything as I was more than likely star struck as a huge fan of the show.  They are around my age so I grew up watching them grow up.

Tia and Tamera have a new show now on The Style Network. I have always loved them so I decided to watch it one day and I fell in love with the show. I feel that it is a great show because they just have this dynamic about them.  It might be because I grew up watching them on Sister, Sister but honestly I would watch it either way. There isn’t really any drama on the show and I like that. I watch it and I feel like I learn so much about being a person and a mom. I have learned different techniques that they use in their relationship with each other to better myself and my relationship with my sister.  It is a show that I look forward to watching each week.  I love to see that Tia and Tamera have become successful, beautiful and inspirational women.  They didn’t fall down the typical child star well of drugs and craziness.  They aren’t in the tabloids for doing crazy things or really anything bad. I am sure that is because of the values they learned growing up.  Both Tia and Tamera are married. Tia is married to Adam Housley who she calls Housley which is so cute. He is a reporter for Fox News. I actually saw him report one morning on TV and I went in a tangent about how much I love the show to my mom.  Tamera is also married to a guy named Cory Hardrict.  They have an adorable little boy named Cree. I just want to pinch his little cheeks.

Tamera and Tia, I am letting Tamera go first this time, do all kinds of work with children to inspire them to be whoever they want to be. I think that is wonderful.  They are the best role models for aspiring children actors and young women because they honestly worked hard for what they have.

You can see Tia and Tamera on The Style Network on Mondays at 8 pm ET and 11 pm ET
Have you watched the show? Let me know what you think.

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