Friday, September 14, 2012

Set the Tone of Your Wedding with Seasonal Invites

Choosing the right invitation for your wedding can quickly convey not only the location and pertinent information but can set the tone or help to create an atmosphere.  With all of the modern technology available today you could almost just as easily send out email invitations, but the difference in sending out a well designed and thought out invitations lets others know of your wedding as well as shape their first impression.

For this reason, it’s important to put some thought into choosing just the right invitation.  Here are some things you should consider when choosing or designing a wedding invitation:

·         Choose the right paper.  Fall invitations as well as other seasonal papers can be a great option for both formal and fun versions.  You can also choose from more traditional embossed or printed papers as well.  The choice of paper you use for your invitations begins to set the tone friends and family can expect at your wedding.

·         Wording and Print style.  Whether you have your invitations professionally printed or do them yourself there are almost thousands of font choices to choose from.  In addition, how you word the invitation itself is probably the best way of setting the tone and environment.  For a more formal wedding event it is important to word the invitation in such a way that those receiving it will read and understand that.  The same can be true of a more simple or fun wedding as well.

·         Traditional or Modern.  Following traditional wording and design or going with more funky and modern styles will immediately let your gets get a glimpse of those values that you want remembered at your wedding.  Just as wearing a hand me down piece of jewelry can tie your feeling to family and the past so can a well worded and designed invitation.

·         Add a picture.  It is customary to include a happy engagement picture with your wedding invitation.  This is not only to help those on the invite list to know exactly who you are, but also a way to share your joy and excitement.  It is true that it takes much more effort to express in words what a picture can do in a second.  A picture allows your friends and family to see your love, happiness, and excitement of your upcoming wedding.

Whether you are planning a very formal traditional wedding, or a simple get together with family and close friends, the invitations are the first indication to your guests not only of your upcoming nuptials, but of the style and tone you wish to have there as well.  Most of all, receiving an invitation allows your friends and family to share with you this momentous occasion.

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