Friday, November 2, 2012

How to Shop for the Perfect Coffee Table

Almost everyone has a coffee table.  It is a great place to put magazines and to serve drinks with a coaster. You can kick up your feet after a busy day or display art.  I think that it is essential to have in your family room or living room. Growing up we had multiple coffee tables.  We had them in both the living room and family room.  My most interesting coffee table would have to be when I was married. My ex and I had a large speaker as our coffee table.  It was actually a working speaker that was hooked up to the tv and stereo.  It was pretty cool. I didn’t really mind that it was a speaker. It worked as a coffee table and we didn’t have to put things on the floor to spill them.  It wasn’t my idea.

When you are shopping for the perfect coffee table you have all kinds of options. They come in every color and shape so how do you know what your perfect coffee table is? There are so many things to consider.  
Size is important. If you have a huge coffee table and a small space or couch a large coffee table will become an eyesore or something you will constantly bump in to. Ever hit your leg on a coffee table? It hurts so much.

You also have to think about if you have kids what would be the safest option for you.  Although glass coffee tables are pretty, having that much glass around a small child around who probably jumps off the couch or does tricks over the arm of the couch is probably going to get hurt. 
Another thing to consider is shape. What shape would you like? I know I have seen coffee tables in the shape of yin-yangs, hearts, and square ones, circle ones any shape you want. You could even have it custom made if you wanted. If you have a sectional your best bet would be a round one so it fits in the area.

You also need to decide what color you would like. What is your favorite color? What color is your paint? What color is your other furniture?  All things you would want to think about.
Style is important.  Do you want traditional, Mission, Chic or something else?  You can find whatever style you want even if it is different.  I personally like mission style. My furniture was all mission style for a while.  I know that is an upgrade from a speaker.

The last thing you need to decide is if you want it to be multipurpose. Do you want drawers? Do you want built in features like a server? My coffee table has drawers and baskets. It’s great for storing tv guides, recipes, remotes and office supplies. Now if Noah would stop getting in it and taking envelopes and tape out that would be great.

I hope I gave you some great pointers and things to consider while shopping for a coffee table.

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