Celebrities are always in the spotlight. Everything they do is publicized and are constantly under the microscope and are scrutinized for every choice they make or whatever they decide to do. Honestly I don't really pay too much attention to what celebrities are doing. The only reason I know most celebrity gossip and news is from Twitter or an occasional email from someone.  When Mindy McCready committed suicide, my mom and I were talking about it.    I think that it is extremely sad for her children and family though I really love the song ten thousand angels. She started talking about how Mindy had a rocky past full of problems and legal issues. Then my mom asked me if that was right. I said I don't know. I started thinking about how if I like someone's music or movies I may not know the details of their lives. I didn't realize a lot of actresses are expecting or just had children or whatever. I don't really care, I like a song doesn't mean that I am really informed with their lives. I know a lot of people eat up celebrity gossip but I just don't. Their lives are none of my business and I have more important  things to worry about then what some famous person is doing. 

Do you like celebrity news?