Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Make your Website Mobile with BeMobile4U

Most everyone has a smart phone. So, surfing the net on your phone is a really common thing to do.  I know that I will go days sometimes without touching my computer. If I am traveling I will just use my phone. I can check email, go to any site I want in the palm of my hand. It has been really convenient for me, especially when my computer decides that it wants to stop working. It is great because I can be connected wherever I am, any time. I may be a little too attached to my phone at some times. I know when to put it down but if I am at the grocery store waiting in line sometimes I like to check my email or look at websites. It is also a good thing to have when you are out and are looking for a specific restaurant to eat at.  Sometimes Noah wants to go to Steak n Shake and since I am fairly new to the area, I don’t know where they all are or how to get there.  So, it is extremely helpful.

I have been blogging for over four years and using the internet for over twenty years. One thing I have noticed since I have had a smart phone and even when I had a cell phone with internet, not every site is mobile friendly.  Mobile friendly means that it has a mobile version. It is optimized for mobile use.  Sure you can go to a website, but it can be extremely hard to read if it is the full site. A mobile version makes it really easy to navigate and look for things.  I think that it is very important to have a mobile site to cater to your visitors.  I know that if a website is hard for me to read and navigate, close the site.  I don’t have time to scroll and shrink and squint to find the information I am looking for.  I know that my mom for example wears reading glasses, she can’t see small print. Sometimes the layout is all messed up or the font is funky and she is just like I can’t read this.  You are losing customers or readers by not having a mobile site.  You are losing money and business.

How do you make your site mobile?  I found a great website called BeMobile4U. It is really easy to use. You just put in your website and they do all the work for you. You embed java script code on your site and you are now mobile. It is a must have to stay in business in this day and age.  They even give you a QR Code and your customers can scan it and it takes you to your mobile site. I have seen QR Codes on everything from packages to on the side of buses.  BeMobile4U has three plans to suit everyone’s needs. They have a Mobile Free Plan, Mobile Smart Plan and a Mobile Pro Plan.  The Mobile Free plan would be good for a basic informational site.  The Mobile Smart Plan and the Mobile Pro Plan have some extra awesome features like click to call, click to email, click to map which make it easy for your customers to get in contact with you.  Communication is the key to a successful business.  You can even have AD Sense on your mobile site, which helps you also make money on your mobile site. It isn’t just limited to computers now.  I think that some companies don’t have a mobile site because they don’t know how to get one. You don’t have to hire some IT guy to reconfigure your site, just go to BeMobile4U and they will take great care of you.  The Mobile Pro Plan is only $25 a month which is very affordable and you can focus on other things and bring in new customers.

For more information please visit BeMobile4U

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