Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Own Your Creations with ClothingLabels4U

It seems like all kinds of people are starting their own businesses online. People are starting clothing companies, blanket companies and cloth diaper companies.  You can find really cute handmade products online.  If you are not a great sewer like I am, you tend to look to others to make those special gifts for friends and family.  I can’t sew at all. I can make giant stitches and even then it looks horrible.  I have purchased gifts online from small companies before. I remember when Noah was a baby he received a bunch of blankets from people. If it isn’t shipped to you or you buy it, you don’t know where it comes from if it doesn’t have a label in it. If you really like something and you want to order more of the blanket or cloth diaper, you need to know where to go for more. Maybe the person who gave you the gift forgot where they purchased it. A label is important. If you are making clothes to sell or blankets or cloth diapers, you need to include a label. A can of soup wouldn’t be sold without a label, neither should your clothes. You can buy really beautiful custom labels from ClothingLabels4U.

ClothingLabels4U sells many different types of labels. They sell Woven Labels which are your standard clothing label. They also sell printed labels which don’t stand up like woven labels do. ClothingLabels4U has clothing labels which are thinner longer labels which would be great in women’s clothes.  Heat transfer labels are like iron on labels that are a quick way to attach your label with ease. ClothingLabels4U also sells embroidered patches. Noah really likes patches. We have patches from all kinds of places.  If you have an event that you would like to hand out patches like they did at the Science Festival we went to a few weeks ago, you can get them from ClothingLabels4U.  Embroidered Patches are also a cost effective way to make uniform shirts for your business to stand out from your customer.  

Labels are important on your products just like it was important to write your name on your schoolwork.  People need to know who created this beautiful masterpiece so they can tell their friends and increase business.

For more information please visit ClothingLabels4U

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