Monday, November 18, 2013

Calendar Sponge Review

Cleaning is not one of my favorite things to do. It is more a chore than something I enjoy or even want to do. Everyone has that chore that they hate, they would rather do anything than this chore.  My most hated chore is dishes.  I have to do them, but I am not smiling when I do them. I love to cook but I am really messy sometimes, so cleaning up is always a pain in my side. I used to want to get married or have a boyfriend so they would do the dishes, so I wouldn’t have to.  I really don’t like cleaning the kitchen at all.  When I was younger I would put water and soap in a bowl and say oh it is soaking.  I am sure we all have pulled that move. Unfortunately, I do have to clean the kitchen and do dishes because I don’t have a kitchen cleaning fairy to magically make my kitchen and counters shine.  I use sponges a lot especially when Noah spills milk and applesauce, it is a quick clean up and it is easy to just throw in the dishwasher. When I was younger, before I was a mom, I didn’t realize you need to change your sponges out. I thought as long as they are sponges, they were fine. I was wrong. You are supposed to change them every month.  Thankfully I never got sick from using “expired sponges”.  How does one keep track of when their sponge needs to be changed. I don’t think writing on it will do any good, since it I constantly wet and soapy.  I guess you could write it on a calendar, but what if you forget to do that. You would have to mark it each month.  I am pretty busy and I don’t even own a normal calendar at the moment.  Even if I had one, I wouldn’t remember to look at it.  I would forget to buy a new sponge at the store.  It is really hard to remember to change your sponge out until now.

I had the opportunity to work with a company called Calendar Sponge. When I learned about Calendar Sponge I was like that is brilliant.  You get twelve which is a year’s supply of sponges. They have the month written on them. It is part of the sponge it’s self so you always know if it is time to change the sponge.  If it’s December and you are still using November’s sponge well… you need to change it.  I really like the scrubbers on the sponge too, that are great for the stuck on stuff. They are well made, high quality materials.  It’s even something Noah could keep tabs on. I sometimes ask him what the date is.  He thinks I am testing him, not that I have no idea. There is no second guessing how old your sponge is anymore. Even if you alternate colors you still have to remember the color of sponge you are using.  I think that Calendar Sponge would be a great Stocking Stuffer.  It is a practical and fun invention. There is no excuse ladies for your man to use an old sponge again.

For more information and to order please visit Calendar Sponge

I received a sample package of Calendar Sponge for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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