Monday, February 23, 2015

Car Accident Tips

I was in a really bad car accident in 2005. I can tell you that it was August 1, 2005. I can tell you everything about that day still almost ten years later. I can tell you where I was, where I was going what I was wearing and every detail including my shoes. We were going to take my friend’s daughter to her mom’s house because her son had a dentist’s appointment. We turned in to their neighborhood as I had done thousands and thousands of times before and we were t-boned on my door. The car was spinning around many times. I didn’t count but it felt like thirty times. It was probably about three. We almost crashed in to a brick sign. Thankfully there was a smaller sign in the ground that stopped that from happening. It was very scary and it really changed my life. I can’t tell you that I knew what to do after the impact. I thought I was going to die.  Everyone was OK, no one broke any bones which was amazing. I was sitting differently that day. I used to sit “criss cross applesauce” in the car, I no longer do that. Since I took the impact on my door I would have shattered my knee cap. I was bruised and the kids were fine. We were whisked off to the hospital after I was pulled out of the car on a trauma board. There are specific steps you need to know and do when you are in an accident if it’s a fender bender or a serious accident. You need to protect yourself after any accident.  Do you know what to do?

Check out my post and see if you know what to do in an accident. You could even print it out and keep it in your car.

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