Thursday, March 19, 2015

Campus Book Rentals Helps College Students Save Big Bucks!

The Summer Semester is starting soon. Many college students are trying to get things in order and dreading paying for their books that they will use for only several months. Sure they can spend a fortune at the campus book store but who wants to do that? Those books will probably sit in a box for the next 15 years in someone’s garage anyways. Campus Book Rentals has the solution, they will rent you books for whatever class you need them for. You can save 40%-90% off bookstore prices. The selection is amazing. Seriously, you may think they wouldn’t have a book for that class but they do. I have a friend who is taking classes for something really specific, that is only offered at a select number of places, and Campus Book Rentals has books for her class.

 It’s so great for the environment when you rent your textbooks instead of buying new.  You can even have flexible rental periods to make sure you have the book as long as you need.  Don’t worry about highlighting in the textbooks, it’s totally allowed. If you are just learning about Campus Book Rentals, have no fear, you can sell your old text books too. It would be a great way for college kids to make an easy buck, free up space and help others. So, if you took classes recently, dig out those old books, and check out Campus Book Rentals.  Campus Book Rentals offers Free Shipping both ways.
Campus Book Rentals also supports the amazing charity Operation Smile. Operation Smile helps babies and children with Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate get surgery and the treatment they need to suck, eat and speak and smile. Smiling is important. Just think if you couldn’t smile.  Operation Smile saves babies and children’s lives.  

For more information on Campus Book Rentals check out their website.

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