Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Save Time by going to the Doctor Online with Amwell

As a busy single mom, I don’t always have time to make it to the doctor’s office. I feel like I go there enough with my ongoing health problems. Sometimes it’s just impossible to go. If Noah is home it’s really hard to take him with me to the doctor. Especially if it is something where they need to talk about something private. Doctor’s offices do not offer childcare, so most of the time he has to go in there with me. We are in such a digital age, that we can now go to the doctor online. There is a service called Amwell. I love this because it’s so easy. You can just explain your symptoms to the doctor and they can diagnose you right from your home. It’s like a house call for this century. Remember when the doctor would come to your home and see you in the comfort of your on bedroom. It’s just like that. Amwell is also really affordable. Going to a clinic can be expensive. One time Noah had a really bad rash and I had to take him to a doctor at night. Just for the visit was $100 and they didn’t know what was wrong with him. The doctor said give him some Benadryl. It was also far away and we had to wait for over an hour to be seen. If I would have had Amwell’s online service for that, I would have been able to save time and lots of money.

 I had the opportunity to try out Amwell and it was easy and only took ten minutes. The doctor was very helpful and nice. Thankfully it was just something small that is able to be taken care of with over the counter items, I didn’t need a prescription. They can prescribe medicines for you too if you need them, depending on the state. If it’s something minor don’t load the kids up in the car, wait a long time and have to handle them all at the doctor’s office, try Amwell’s Online Doctor. They also offer 24/7 care for the times when you wake up in the middle of the night throwing up or worse when your kids wake up throwing up. At least you can make it to the toilet. You can just hop online and talk to a doctor right from home with Amwell.

You can save $10 on a visit by using the code LOVEAMWELL10 That will make it only $39 for the visit.

This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Network and Amwell. All opinions are my own

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