Thursday, July 9, 2015

Traveling with Family and Dogs too.

Although I don't have dogs I am no stranger to traveling with dogs. My aunt and uncle have always have had dogs. They live in California and they always have their dogs with them. They are their kids so they never stay home alone. My aunt and uncle always drive when they come visit too. They usually make a big trip and stop off and visit everyone they can. One year they went from California to Texas to Florida to South Carolina to Tennessee then finally to Indiana were the bulk of where family lives. They travel to Indiana at least once a year.

My aunt and uncle are definitely experts when it comes to traveling with their dogs. My aunt makes sure she has all the food they need, treats, medicines, toys and whatever else they need for travel. While they are traveling they park in shaded areas when they need to stop. They park in dog friendly places where everyone can get out and stretch their legs. My aunt and uncle stay in dog friendly hotels so everyone is comfortable. We recently went to visit them and it was really late when our flight landed and we were so tired that I wanted to crawl up on the dogs' bed and go to sleep. We also went on a little trip to San Francisco and stayed in a dog friendly hotel. The hotel was really nice. During the drive, the dogs just laid in the back and slept. They would occasionally stand up and come see what we were doing.  It's a lot of fun traveling with your pets. You can create a lot of neat memories together. 

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