Thursday, December 31, 2015

Using Transloading to Make Relocating a Breeze

I have family that lives all over the world. You may not know this but my dad lives in England and my cousin lives in Switzerland. He moved there in 2008. I always remember my dad having a lot of stuff. He had guitars, amps and just many odds and ends. I have flown a lot so I am very familiar with how many suitcases and carry-on bags you can have on a flight. So, I know he didn’t fly with all his stuff. Since you can’t drive to England, regardless what a map program says, he had to figure out how to get all his keepsakes to his new home. I know that he had a lot of things from my grandparents and other family members. I doubt he sold all of his belongings to go on this new adventure.  His only option was to use transloading to make sure his stuff made it safely. First he would have to ship it to England in packing crates and then have them unpacked to trucks to be delivered to his new home.  He could have mailed himself all of his belongings but that would have been extremely expensive and there are limitations of what you can send through the mail. There is also customs and more of a chance that his things could be lost in transit. Things could get damaged.  This way everything is all together and safe to make it to its destination.
My dad used to also have a couple really nice cars that he received from my grandpa. My Grandpa Bill used to collect classic and exotic cars. He had a Ferrari that he gave to my dad for example, I know that he wouldn’t have left those behind.  Another thing to consider is when you move somewhere across the world you might not have a permanent residence yet. You might start out in an apartment until you find a home you like. You may need extra storage that your apartment cannot provide. If you are moving there for good, it makes more sense to send your stuff, so if you need something you can access it. Asking friends and family to hold on to your things can be an inconvenient and if they move, they have to also move your things. You may not think you will need something, until it’s thousands of miles away where you can’t get it. Then you are stuck with asking whoever is hanging on to the item you need to mail it to you. I personally believe it’s best to have everything in the same country that you reside in, ideally somewhere close. Be sure to find a reputable company that will take great care of your stuff.  Look for a company with specialized equipment, proper knowledge and experience. The handler is usually has to pay for any damages but sometimes money cannot replace your memories. You don’t want to have to worry about your household goods while you are relocating to a new country.

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