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As a parent there are two things that are extremely important to me. The first is teaching Noah about GOD. I started teaching him about GOD when he was a baby. We would pray together and we still pray together every day. I would read him simple bible stories, talk about how important GOD is, and he also watched Baby Faith DVDS. His first DVD was God Made Christmas. I went out and bought him all the Baby Faith DVDs I could find. They are Christian based baby DVD’s. I knew that it was vital to teach him about God’s Love. Noah has a great solid base when it comes to loving God. He loves to learn about him. The second thing is education. It has always been important to me that Noah learns everything he can. I started teaching him at a very young age about words, counting and math. Noah is a very smart kid.

When he was in kindergarten, other parents and teachers asked me where he went to pre-K. They were all pretty surprised when I said he never went. I explained that I taught him at home.  He loves science and math. I have had some pretty intense conversations with him about science. As most kids do, he talked about the Big Bang and evolution and he was quickly corrected. We talk about how God makes everything.  He knows that we didn’t evolve from primates or there wasn’t a “big bang”, but that God did it all. He will say that everyone is his brother or sister because we all came from Adam and Eve. I wish schools would teach the truth and stop filling our kids’ heads with “scientific” evidence. The Bible has proof that God made the Heavens and the Earth. There are certain things that are taught in school that I don’t agree with as a Christian.

Many families decide to homeschool for different reasons. I know while I have been working on a parenting forum that there are several different options when it comes to curriculum. Many families are looking for a God based curriculum that also includes religion and The Bible in their school day. Finding a Christian based homeschool curriculum can be a challenge. I learned about a site called Schoolhouse Teachers. It’s a division of Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  I am very excited to see that they teach Creationism. The site contains 200+ courses from Preschool to High School. There’s all the core subjects such as math and reading to electives like Computer Programming. I feel a child could get a well-rounded Christian education from home. Schoolhouse Teachers is only $12.95 a month or $139 for a year.  You can also get a 30 day trial for $1. They also take PayPal. That is a huge selling point for many.

You will get a membership code to applecore. You can use this to keep track of grades for their schoolwork in each course. It’s all on the computer. You won’t lose your gradebook. You can create report cards and transcripts too. It makes grade keeping super easy.  You can also track attendance if your state requires this information. It’s all included with your membership. If you are a yearly member to Schoolhouse Teachers you can get a free upgrade to applecore Gold.

I checked out the Awesome Stuff in the Bible course for Noah. He loves learning about God and there are easy PDFs to download and print so we can study more.  The printable worksheets are easy for Noah to do, we can take time and talk about each question. We pull out our Bible and read the verses and learn together.  I don’t know everything about The Bible so I enjoy learning with him too. I love how this course also uses Right Now Media to enhance the teachings. There are also shows like Veggie Tales and 3 2 1 Penguin. With over 10,000 videos you are sure to find something for everyone. TV has really gotten out of control, it is so hard to censor what Noah watches. There are certain shows on Disney XD that I won’t let him watch. When that show is the only thing on it can be annoying. I love that I can just pull up parent approved things for him to watch.  There’s also things for me to watch. I love that I have access to teachings from John MacArthur and many others. I told my mom about it because she loves John MacArthur. We gave her two books of his for Christmas.   
The videos are included with your membership, so there aren’t any extra fees or extra purchases.

Even if you aren’t homeschooling you can sign up for Schoolhouse Teachers as a supplement learning program that your children can use in the evenings or on the weekends. If you are looking for a great way to teach your children more about God or if they need extra help in a certain subject, you can just log on and browse the content. It would be a blessing if your child isn’t sure how to do something, or you aren’t quite sure either. Instead of using a search engine, this awesome program can probably help. No more pulling your hair out to figure out how to help with homework. It is also a wonderful resource if your child has a specific interest.

 Noah wants to learn JAVA and how to create Minecraft Mods. There’s lessons in the Computer Science/Programming course. I can also use it to brush up on HTML coding too. I have started learning the Computer Science/ Programing course to learn how to do all my own HTML and coding for my site. I know very basic things so this will help me be a better blogger. In the past I would have to ask someone else for help. Now I am learning to do it on my own. I love that the language in the course is understandable. It would be frustrating to use a search engine to figure it out and not understand what they were talking about.  I really want Noah to take the keyboard course. It’s so important to be able to type for schoolwork.  Honestly, there are so many great courses and learning material.  Schoolhouse Teachers is always adding to their course library. I am excited for the cake decorating course that is coming soon. I have always loved to bake but my decorating is horrible. I look forward to learning how to decorate cakes properly vs. blobs of icing in the shape of letters.

You also get access to the Planners. My mom is a teacher and I know firsthand how expensive planners can be. The Schoolhouse Planners are more than just a calendar. They are chock full of information and everything you need to homeschool and be organized. There are different planners for different school ages. There’s also Hey Mama Planner.  I really need this. I use sticky notes and a dry erase board currently. It’s also included in the monthly fee.  You can even customize your planner by printing the pages you need and putting it in a binder. I love that they contain useful information and quick reference guides. If you homeschool, these planners are a must. The Hey Mama Planner includes an attendance chart so you can easily track how many days your child doesn’t have class with you. Relying on your memory isn’t a good idea. I have a great memory, but I can’t remember the exact days Noah has missed school this year.  You can purchase the Planners if you aren’t a member at retail price, but you really want to join because it’s an amazing program.  Remember it’s only $12.95 a month or $139 for a year.  You can also get a 30 day trial for $1.

Check out Schoolhouse Teachers for more information and to sign up today!

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