Thursday, February 4, 2016

Weber Grill Lenten Menu

Growing up Catholic, Lent was always a very important time for my family. My Grandma Rose’s faith was very important to her. She went to mass every Sunday, said the rosary every day, and did not eat meat on Fridays during Lenten season. She did eat fish though. She started and volunteered at a soup kitchen and I remember them having a fish fry every Friday to observe Lent. I really love fish so, it wasn’t a big deal when I went to visit her frequently. We were extremely close. I can see her frying up some fish for my family in her cast iron skillet. My Grandma Rose had heart problems so she would bake fish for herself. I remember how good it tasted. Good fish can be hard to find. Weber Grill has you covered for Lenten approved meals. From Grilled Fish and Chips to meatless items, you can feel good about eating at Weber Grill. I mean the Whitefish has a Parmesan crust. Anything covered in Parmesan is amazing. It’s also grilled over charcoal that gives it another layer of flavor. My Grandma Rose would have enjoyed this meal. As always Weber Grill will also have their complete menu available. Even if you don’t participate in Lenten, it’s worth checking out. It would be a great place to eat after an evening downtown. You can even get it to go. With the warm weather we have been having, it might be fun to pick it up and have a picnic by the canal.

Here’s more information from Weber Grill:

Every Friday throughout the Lenten season, Weber Grill invites those who observe the special holiday as well as Fish & Chips enthusiasts to enjoy Chef Larry Donahue’s latest ‘catch.’ Right off the restaurant’s charcoal kettles, guests can find a unique spin on the classic Fish & Chips dish featuring Planked Parmesan-Crusted Lake Superior Whitefish served with fresh-cut fried potatoes, coleslaw, and lemon aioli and malt vinegar for dipping!

Weber Grill’s complete menu will also be available, including meatless favorites such as the Blackened Tilapia Sandwich, Mediterranean Grilled Vegetable Salad, Cedar Planked Salmon and Black Bean Burger.

Weber’s Friday Fish & Chips will be served every Friday for lunch, dinner and carryout from Friday, February 12 through Friday, March 25. Price is $20 (not including tax and gratuity). Reservations are recommended.

Weber Grill
10 N. Illinois Street
Indianapolis IN 46204

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