Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Nancy Fabian Helps Bring Awareness of Differences through Children's Books

Growing up I was always taught that we should focus on a person's inside and not on appearance. We also shouldn't look at someone's abilities. Everyone was always equal. I also teach my son these things. I make sure he knows that it is on the inside that counts. My mom is a special education teacher and has taught students with varying abilities throughout the years. She has taught a lot of amazing kids. One thing I have noticed since I have become an adult is that there is a lot more awareness about special needs than when I was a kid. I am not sure if that is because of the internet and social media or that it is just more aware now. I remember there were a few kids in my school that are disabled. They were all really cool. I enjoyed being friends with them.

To some it might be difficult to open up a dialog with a young child about differences. They see everything as a matter of fact. For me it wasn't hard because I was just so used to it. Noah went with my mom to a celebration at a school she taught at and met some of her students. He didn't think anything of it. He was just excited to meet them. I have always made it a point to see someone's heart. He sometimes tells me that what matters is someone's heart.

It's so important for parents to talk to their children about acceptance and tolerance starting at a young age. It will help in the future. It's a great idea to use tools to do this. Having a discussion with your 4 or 5 year old about anything can be tricky so I like to use stories and songs. Even if I have to make up my own lyrics. I also think this is something older kids need to be reminded of every so often. Kids forget things. They fill their minds with school and games and a good refresher is nice to have.

Nancy Fabian is an author of a series a books that deal with differences.  She was born with Moebius Syndrome which is a bilateral facial paralysis. She had to learn how to live with Moebius Syndrome growing up in New York.  She had to deal with kids who didn’t know what her disability was and it was quite difficult for her. She didn’t let it stop her, she graduated from Fordham University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree. After graduation, she worked as a dedicated Histotechnologist for over fifteen years. I totally love that she uses her life experiences to educate others.

 She currently has three books:

THE RED CAT  is inspired by Nancy’s life as a child. She wanted to help children better understand differences, as well as learn tolerance and acceptance of others. It is her wish to make a difference by informing through storytelling and diverse characters that are challenged in some way. The goal is to open the hearts and minds of the readers and inspire them to have the courage to excel despite one’s shortcomings. As Nancy says, “We are not disabled but enabled differently than others.”  I love that quote! It’s so inspiring and true.

NIRA'S HEART sheds light on people with differences. Being different is something to celebrate and accept. Only through acceptance of your true self can you love your persona and the self-image you reflect to others. That's the idea behind NIRA'S HEART.  I always tell Noah that it doesn’t matter what someone thinks about you, it’s what you think about yourself.

THE PINK DOLPHIN is Nancy's third and newest book. It touches upon the topic of bullying, which is a topic many can relate to, including Nancy who went through much bullying in school and learned some lessons from it. I really wish I would have read this book as a child. I spent quite a bit of time being bullied for no reason.  Oddly enough I think that being bullied softened my heart, instead of hardening it. It has taught me compassion for others.

Nancy's books aim to help children look inside and see all those features besides physical beauty that shine within and make them extraordinary. That is true beauty -- the extraordinary uniqueness of our heart and soul. I think that these books should be read during story time and available in school libraries across the world.She has a beautiful daughter who is lucky to have her as a mom.

For more information and to purchase these books please visit: Nancy Fabian Books

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