Sunday, July 10, 2016

Road Trip Printables

During long road trips you can find yourself questioning why you decided to drive. You might even vow to never go on another long road trip again. If your kids are whining it makes it worse. You find yourself at the mercy of the road. If there's road construction, it can seem like a never ending trip. Making sure your kids are happy is a key to having a smooth ride. A family friendly Des Moines based Dodge Dealer agrees that you should have plenty of things to do for your kids on a road trip. You can find all kinds of free things online for them to do.   If you have a computer, you can print out word searches for them to do. You can put their names, family members, interests, spelling words and of course there are many pre-made ones if you aren't feeling creative.

Coloring pages are something you can find plenty of online. You can find coloring pages for everything. It doesn't matter what their interests are. There's also adult coloring pages in case they need something challenging or if you want to relax too.

There are even craft printables where you can make different easy crafts in the car. If you have a daughter that likes paper dolls, sites offer those too.

You can print off all kinds of games and things to do. It is definitely a lot cheaper than purchasing activity books for each child. You could always make copies if you have one book. That way no one fights over who gets to color the best picture on the coloring book.

Printing off lined paper is great for writing stories if your child needs something bigger than notebook paper. Some even have a spot for a picture. Invest in a couple clip boards from the dollar store so you don't have paper all over. That also gives them a hard surface to write on.
You can really save your sanity by spending some time looking for free printables online.

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