Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Walz Buckaroo Kids Cap Available Now!

As a mother of a boy, they don’t have as many accessories as girls do. They don’t have bows and headbands but they do have caps. Noah has been wearing hats since he was a baby. I think that caps on babies and kids is so cute. I think it gives them a sense of style. It also keeps their heads warm. One of my favorite memories is when Noah and my brother in law had matching caps. Noah wasn’t able to see though.  It can be hard to find caps that fits your child’s head. It’s important that they can see where they are going while wearing it. It’s cute to wear a big hat, think Fievel from American Tail, but it’s not quite practical. While there are kids’ caps, not all of them are good quality nor are they cute. I have seen some ugly kids caps in the past.  An excellent quality stylish cap can be hard to find.

Walz, the makers of American Classic caps, has you covered. They have come out with the Buckaroo Kids Cap. It’s just like the Adult’s version. Think of all the cute photo opps you will have. It would be so cute to have matching caps with your child. It’s wool lined with super comfortable technical fabric, and sewn right in California, the "Buckaroo" is guaranteed to get your kiddo out of that ridiculous monster-face hat and on their way to a life-long obsession with cycling gear. It’s perfect for Fall too.

Part of the problem with keeping your kids cap on is if it’s uncomfortable. Noah has worn caps before and half way through the day, he is ready to take it off. He says it’s uncomfortable, so I put it in my purse. I have even tried to alter his caps to make them more comfortable. The Buckaroo is something your kids will want to keep on and it might even want to sleep in it. Noah feels like wearing a cap makes him feel like a man. He will wear a cap whenever he can if it’s comfortable.

Walz is offering the Batch #001 production run of the "Buckaroo" with a pre-set $5.00 introductory discount, the option for lil' hipster left-temple monogram, and a FREE Guillow's Balsa Wood Plane with each order. I think it’s so cool that they are throwing in a free toy. Who doesn’t love a free toy? The monogram is great if you are purchasing multiple caps, you can have their first initial monogrammed on the cap and there’s no confusion or arguing about who’s cap is who’s.

The Buckaroo Kids Cap is one size fits ages 3½ to 9 yrs. w/ max head measurement of 19½" around.
Walz will be taking orders for this first run for ONE WEEK ONLY; if you don't get in on this first batch, you'll have to wait 'til the holidays... Caps (and planes!) will ship next week after Batch #001 run rolls off the presses.

Walz also has some really nice adult caps too. They would make a great holiday gift for the cap lover in your family. My cap lover is my brother in law. He has a huge collection! My grandpa had a huge cap collection too. He always had a cap on his head when he was at home. 

You can get Free Shipping in the post with this code: WLZCAKES16

To order please visit Walz.

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