Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cute ways to announce your expecting

There are so many cute ways a family can announce a pregnancy. They create cute photos using numbers counting the family members and the newest addition. Sometimes they causally post a photo of their youngest wearing a Big Brother or Big Sister T-shirt. I have a friend who just isn’t very active on Facebook just post a belly pic when she was expecting. My sister announced her pregnancy on Christmas Eve last year having my niece open a Big Sister shirt while on Facetime with us. It was definitely a surprise, and my nephew was born on my birthday. My favorite pregnancy announcement is one from TV. Of course they never said the word pregnant on the show. I love when Ricky is asked to sing to a couple to announce that they are expecting, and he starts singing and he keeps asking all the couples and they keep shaking their heads no. Then all the sudden Lucy shows up and he stops and stares at her and she nods. Then he sings to her. It’s so sweet and it gives me goosebumps every time I see it. If I have more children someday, I would love to announce it in a really special way. I mean I am probably done having kids though.

The first time I was pregnant, I told my mom when she was in a parking lot. As you know, I lost my first baby due to a miscarriage. When I was pregnant with Noah, I told my mom over the phone, while she was in the same parking lot. I didn’t plan it that way, it just happened to work out that way. I know when you get that positive pregnancy test it’s a really exciting time. A common question women ask and search online is what is the best pregnancy test to use.  Something you should look for is the amount of HCG the test measures. The lower amount the more sensitive the test. When someone asks me for a recommendation of pregnancy test, I prefer the kind that only has one line per window. I think the plus sign can get confusing especially if you don’t read the directions. Another tip is make sure you read it in the time allotted. Reading it after that time can and will probably result in an evaporation line.

If you are TTC and haven’t yet, I know that it is a hard thing to go through. I am not going to tell you not to stress out or that it will happen when it is meant to because those phrases annoyed me. I hope that you get pregnant soon and take care of yourself.

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