Sunday, January 15, 2017

Help Make Winter Brighter with BloomsyBox

Winter is not one of my favorite months. I love the holidays but am not a fan of the cold or the gray skies. It can really bring you down. After the holidays you are just left with the long wait until Spring.  Depending on where you live, it can just look so depressing. We haven’t had a lot of snow yet this year but it still feels like Winter. I know whenever my mom comes and visits she comments on the gray skies. She lives in Florida now, so she doesn’t experience the months of gray skies. It gets darker a lot earlier too. Something I have found that helps brighten up my day and house is fresh flowers. I love the way they look. It’s almost like they breathe life when everything else looks dead outside.

 I received a BloomsyBox that contains some beautiful fresh flowers. I love BloomsyBox because the flowers seem to last a long time. BloomsyBox is a flower subscription box where you receive flowers. It makes a great gift or if you just want to have fresh flowers in your home without having to pick them out and wonder how long they have been sitting in the floral section of the store. I have had two BloomsyBoxes and I have been really impressed both times. They arrived in excellent condition which is great. You won’t receive a box of flower petals.

Flowers are always a great gift to let someone know you are thinking of them or that you love them. I love that it’s easy to sign up and you can know that your loved one will receive gorgeous flowers. You don’t have to remember to order them because it’s automated. You can cancel whenever too. I love it. You can’t get any easier. It’s great if you live far away. Have you ever tried to order flowers for someone who lives far away? It’s a pain because you never know what the quality will be or if they will arrive. BloomsyBox is a great service and I recommend it to anyone. It would be a great gift for an aging parent too. It gives them something special to look forward to.

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