Friday, January 6, 2017

When should you keep your pets at home

When you are traveling or just running errands you might want to bring your pets with you. They are a member of your family and you love spending time with them. There are some times when you shouldn't bring your pets with you. Sometimes it's better to leave them at home.
 Check the weather before bringing your pets with you in the car. You usually can't bring you pet in to the store unless it is a service dog or if it's a pet store. Be mindful about the temperature. If it is too hot they could over heat. If it's too cold they could freeze to death. Even if they have a thick coat dogs aren't really supposed to be outside for long periods of time.  

Another thing to consider is where you are going and how long you will be gone. If you are gone more than a hour you should just leave them home. Some dogs love to ride in the car but sitting alone in the car is a different story. We bring our pets so they can spend time with us. They need room to stretch out and play and being in a car alone isn't the best place for that. Maybe limit taking your dogs with you when you are picking up your kids or going for a drive. 

Remember that not all pets like to be in the car. You might want to limit the time your pets are in the car if it makes them nervous. If you have to take them to the vet try lessening the stress of riding in the car by keeping them in their carrier. It will make it easier when you arrive. Try giving them treats to get them in the carrier. If you have a cat, give them some time to explore the carrier before you use it to transport them anywhere. My cats like to crawl in to pretty much anything they can fit in. 

Noah wants to click train them to get in their carrier. We had a box that we got when we rescued them but they really needed a real carrier. It's Noah's mission to click train them with a clicker and treats. I mean it can happen if he keeps it up, I have them trained to go in the laundry room when I shake their treat can. It works most of the time for Charlie and 48% of the time for Stormy who I normally have to hunt down. I had to put them in the laundry room when our Christmas tree was up so they wouldn't knock it over and break years of priceless Christmas ornaments. Most of the time I had to chase Stormy around the house to keep him safe from the tree.

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