Friday, January 6, 2017

Winter Weather Apps

Now that weather is in full swing, there's ice and snow. Unfortunately, you can't always see ice on the roads. If it's dark outside, it is really hard to see. There's also black ice which is almost impossible to see while you are driving until you drive over it. It's very dangerous. This year it seems like there's winter weather in places that aren't used to it. My childhood best friend moved to North Carolina and I remember when they would get an inch of snow. Everywhere would shut down because they didn't know how to drive on it. Even if you lived in a cold climate, you can forget how dangerous it is and what to do if you aren't used to it anymore.

 Most phones have a weather app that will tell you the temperature or if it's going to rain or snow but that's all they really tell you. You should make sure you have a specific local weather app that will tell you where it's snowing and how much you should expect and traffic. It's important to know where the ice is, where to avoid so you don't end up stranded. 

A few weeks ago there was a lot of ice on our roads. It was supposed to be over with and it wasn't. There were people stranded on the roads for up to ten hours. There were 500 accidents so highways were shut down and there was no where to go. It was so icy that people were stranded on an overpass and the fireman couldn't even walk on it that they had to rescue people with a ladder on the overpass. I can't imagine how scary that would be. I saw a photo and it was crazy. People were told to stay home if they could. My mom had flown in that morning. I was so worried until she arrived. I used an app to see if the surface roads were better. She had waited at the airport for a bit and managed to make it safely. Sometimes listening to the weather report or looking at a basic weather app isn't always accurate. You need an up to the minute local specific app to know what's really going on. Especially while traveling where you might not be able to find a local radio station to know where to avoid or what might be coming as you travel.
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