Tuesday, April 11, 2017

5 Fun ways to burn calories that includes playing bingo

Imagine trying hard to get your calorie down without having to compromise on your luxury living? Hitting the gym, following a strict diet and so on. All these may sound very fascinating but at the same time, its not everyone’s cup of tea. We completely get it and the hardships one has to go through!

Breaking the traditional approach, here are 5 fun ways that can help you burn all those extra calories you’ve been wanting to get rid of!

1. Make out:

By now, we all know the fact that making out helps in burning calories, but the lesser known is how much calories are burnt in 2 minutes of kissing? Research suggests that kissing for one hour can burn as many as 120 calories, which accounts to 2 per minute and gradually 4 per 2 minutes. It wont drop your pounds, but it’s positively a good start.

2. Shop ‘til you drop:

Because we all love shopping! Plus a sale gives you brownie points for reducing your calorie count. Shopping involves physical activity and at the time of a sale, we tend to increase our pace and it works best for our body and mind both internally as well as externally. The number of calorie burnt depends on the time spend and the amount of shopping you’ve done! But it’s certainly is a big number.

3. Laugh Out Loud:

As the doctors say, “laughter is a good medicine” and it definitely holds good when it comes to burning calories. According to research, 15 minutes of laughter a day can burn around 40 calories. So, now all you gotta do is laugh! Watch funny series or comedy shows when you’re alone or join laughter clubs or just do anything that would make you laugh.

4. Get baking:

If you are into cooking and love baking, here’s a good news! You can burn calories doing what you love to do the most! On an average, it is possible to burn around 150 calories with 1 hour of cooking. Now you gotta love cooking more than ever! Here's a recipe for Snickerdoodles. You can use a cookie as a reward.

5. Play bingo:

These ways couldn’t get any better, right? Well yeah, if you are a bingo fanatic and can never get enough of playing bingo, then don’t give up on it! A bingo fan could burn around 30 calories in1 hour of game play. So, even if you lose the game, you win by burning calories! Also, playing online bingo on sites that have variety of games can get you to burn the same amount of calories.

So, now that you’ve got fun ways to burn calories, get going!

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