Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Visiting Crater Lake

Noah and I love to spend the summer traveling. We don't go many places during the school year. There's just no time to do it. We always go visit my mom during the year.  This summer we added a new state to our list. While we are in California, we went to Oregon to go to Crater Lake. It was beautiful. It was nice to just hop in the car and take an adventure with our family. We had a full car load of my aunt and uncle, my mom, Noah, two dogs and me. I love the idea of adding a new state on our list every year. 

Last year it was New Mexico. I think it only works if we road trip though. My aunt and uncle go across country at least twice a year in the car. Their dogs are very well behaved and you even forget that they are in the car. I highly recommend Crater Lake because it's beautiful. It's also really peaceful. The water was the most beautiful blue. There were also waterfalls which were my personal favorite.  I tried to play a trick. I bought Noah a pocket knife for when he is much older with his name engraved in it. I didn't want him to know that I bought it. He's way too young for a pocket knife. He actually figured out what I bought. I tried pretending that I bought other things. I finally told him that I bought it for when he is older. I thought it was something I wouldn't be able to buy elsewhere.  I wonder how many times I have to say no. 

It's really fun to go on side trips when you are in vacation. It's a great way to get out there and see somewhere new. My aunt and uncle always try to come up with fun things to do, but they are very low key.

We stayed in a motel after leaving Crater Lake. I was thankful that we stayed in a hotel.  I had a really bad headache all night.  I ended up getting very sick all night. The motel kind of gave me the creeps. The next morning, we grabbed breakfast and headed back to California. We stopped at Berney Falls on the way back up to my Aunt and Uncle's house. We had triple scoops of ice cream for lunch. Its always a fun time exploring with them. 

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