Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Keeping your car clean in the winter

During the winter, you encounter all kinds of snow, slush and salt. It’s pretty much unavoidable if you live in a state where it snows. It can definitely make the inside of your car dirty. Some people don’t seem to mind the mess, however others really can’t stand it. It’s always something I think about when I am in another person’s  used car. I feel bad when my or Noah’s shoes are snowy or covered in slush. Stomping your feet before entering the car will get some of it off. 

Investing in good weather mats can also help a lot. They are easy to remove and clean. You don’t really have to worry about ruining your upholstery or carpet in your car. Now if I can get Noah to stop putting his feet on the back of the seats. It’s also good to have towels in your car to clean off your shoes or any messes the winter weather might bring along. 

When you put your children in their car seats, remember to remove their coat. Placing their coat on the seat next to them will help keep their coat off the floor. I also prefer not to walk in snow or slush but sometimes you can’t avoid it.

 I wouldn’t recommend taking off your shoes while you are riding or driving in a car in case you have an accident or car trouble. 

Use your towel to dry off your shoes before you drive so your feet do not slip on the pedals. 

Keep your driveway clear and park in the garage if possible. 

Maybe I should just move away from the snow and slush and cold. I often think about it when it’s so frigid that you think your fingers are going to fall off. 

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