Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Cat Travel Tips

Dogs usually love riding in the car. Dogs are great road trip companions. They will just hang out and enjoy the ride. Cats however may not like riding in the car. It’s not always common that you have to drive with your cats. Sometimes, there’s no choice. Anytime we moved, our cats Lucy and Lexy would have to ride in the car. We used to take them to my Grandma Rose’s house when we went on vacation. My Grandma Rose lived a hour away. They would always get mad and hide under her bed. It would make my Grandma nervous because they would find a way in to the box springs. I remember having to use a broom to carefully coax them out. 

Now we have our cats Stormy and Charlie. They don’t like going outside, let alone ride in the car. So far, we have only had them in the car to go to the vet. I suspect at some point they will make a long car trip. I feel like we are pretty good at knowing how to do this successfully. I thought I would share some tips with you to make it easier if you ever have to travel with your cat. 

It might make more sense to fly with your cat. I have thought it would be a good idea. One of my cats gets really nervous and his stomach gets upset. So coupled with the constant meowing and the smells, flying wouldn’t  be an pleasant experience for both our cats and the other passengers. So, the car is the best way to go for us. 

When you put your cats in the car, use a carrier. Don’t try and carry them in the car. It would be easy for them to escape. If you have to carry them, do it while the car is in the garage and the door is closed. This way they will be confined. 

Talk calmly and to them. Comfort your cats. Tell them that it’s ok and that you are there. 

Put some books under the seats. You don’t want them to crawl under them and end up under your feet while driving. 

Let them out so they aren’t cramped in the carrier the whole time. 

Have food and water and a litter box for them. If they have a special bed or toy make sure that is in the car too. 

When you get out for gas or food make sure to put them in their carrier before you get out. If you don’t have a carrier, make sure they don’t escape. We never had a carrier with Lucy and Lexy. We just made sure someone had them when it was time to get out.  

Your cats will meow for a while until they get used to riding in the car and get comfortable. It’s ok. They are fine. 

Don’t hold your cats while you are driving. It’s better to have someone else in the car to tend to them while you focus on the road. 

Give them treats to make it a better experience. Cats like treats. Remember that they are probably going to bed mad at you at first but they will learn to like riding in the car. 

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