Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Road trip to the Everglades

We always go to Florida for spring break. We usually fly because it’s faster. Driving from Indiana to Clearwater Florida is about a seventeen hour drive one way. We don’t want to spend days of our spring break in the car.  We have been to Florida so many times it’s always fun to do something different. We love going to the beach too. 

This time we decided to go on a little road trip in Florida. We have never been to the Everglades before, so we booked the tram tour at Shark Valley and off we went. It was about a five hour drive. I decided that was long enough for Noah to need Dramamine. He has a history of car sickness and I didn’t want him to get car sick in my mom’s brand new car. Thankfully, he doesn’t mind taking it and it works really well. 

We had so much fun on the tram tour. We saw so many alligators and birds and learned a lot too. I highly recommend it. It’s beautiful and so informative. Be sure to get your tickets online because it’s very popular. It was a fun day trip. We also decided that we would drive for a couple hours after we left and spend the night in a hotel. The hotel we stayed at was really nice. It was right next to a giant outdoor mall. My mom and I both had California Pizza Kitchen and Noah had Panera. We also went swimming and Noah and I hung out in the hot tub.

The next morning we checked out and we drove back to St. Petersburg and went to the beach. I took a risk and didn’t give Noah Dramamine and thankfully he didn’t get car sick. I used to get really car sick and would occasionally throw up on the hour drive to or home from my grandparents. I wonder if car sickness is hereditary. 

I think that going on a unexpected road trip while you are on vacation is a great way to find something new to see. There’s always somewhere to explore. 

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