Thursday, June 20, 2019

Weather and Roof Repairs

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Living in Indiana, we often have severe weather in the spring and summer. We often hear tornado sirens and have lots of wind. It has been raining buckets here. I have questioned, if it is ever going to stop raining.  When there’s bad weather, there’s a chance of having damage to your home. There are all kinds of damages you can have. You can have trees fall. You can have siding blow off. 

The worst kind of damage you can have is roof problems. Shingles can fall off. When you have roof damage, it’s very important to take care of it right away. If you have a problem with your roof, it can turn in to a lot more problems quickly. You could have water leaking in to your ceilings causing your  ceilings to buckle. Water can get trapped in your walls.  

Some home repairs you can fix yourself. Unfortunately, roof repair is something you should leave to the professionals. Doing it yourself is dangerous because you may not know how to walk on the roof. You don’t want to fall off and hurt yourself.  My uncle fell off a roof. Thankfully, he is ok and just broke his leg and messed up his knee. 

While you are looking for a roofing contractor, make sure you do your research. Here’s some tips to find a company for roof repair:

Make sure you hire a licensed company. Look up their license and look for my complaints. 

Avoid hiring random people who say they know what they are doing to save a few bucks. Hiring a random person can lead to more problems later or you may risk having someone who doesn’t finish the job. Even if they say they know how to fix it, hire a licensed company. 

Ask for recommendations from friends and neighbors. There’s neighborhood social mess and it’s really easy to ask for recommendations or even ask if anyone has used a specific company. 

Avoid hiring someone who comes to your door looking for clients. I am not a fan of people who come to my door trying to sell me something. 

Read reviews and check the company out online. Check the BBB and different review sites. Remember that there will always be someone who complains about something. 

Decide what kind of  new roofing you would like. Maybe you aren’t a fan of the shingles the previous owners picked. Maybe you want to add some solar panels. 

Make sure you read everything before signing. Your contract is your legal agreement. If you make changes or if they promise something extra, get it in writing. 

See if there’s a warranty and what it covers.

Your home owner’s insurance may cover the cost of roof repairs depending on your coverage and reason for damage.  Take the few minutes and find out if it’s something your home owners insurance will cover. 

Your home is your investment. You need to protect it. When you are selling your home, having the roof checked is part of the inspection. No one wants to buy a home with a bad roof. There’s too many risks with leaking and sagging. The good news is with proper maintenance, a roof can last a long time. 

Nothing lasts forever so at some point you will have to get a new roof. There are warning signs when you need a new roof. It might be a good idea to save a little bit of money in a rainy day fund every month. That way when you have to get a new roof, you will be prepared. 

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