Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Car Urban Legends

I am a self admitted weirdo. I love urban legends. Some you don’t know if they are true or not. An urban legend is a story that people tell each other that happened to someone they know’s friend’s cousin. Sometimes, they aren’t just urban legends and they are true. I thought it would be fun to share some car urban legends. All of these are not true to my knowledge. 

You are going to your car after being at the mall.  You are greeted by someone who wants you smell a new perfume or cologne. You think nothing of it and smell it because you feel bad for the person having to stand out in the sun all day. After you smell it, you wake up in a motel room and you have been kidnapped. You realize later that you have been knocked out and transported to a motel and your captors are demanding a ransom for your safe return. 

Someone is driving in the middle of no where and a very dangerous person has escaped from prison and is likely in the same area. They notice the person behind them driving really fast. They are also flashing their brights and honking repeatedly. It really scares the driver and they pull in to a gas station and they start screaming for the attendant as the other car pulls in and gets out of the car. The other driver warns them that there’s someone in their backseat and was honking and flashing their lights so it would distract the killer. When they look in the backseat all that is left is an ax. 

Years ago, I remember getting emails from people telling me that if I see someone driving without their headlights not to flash my headlights at them to let them know. The story goes that it’s part of a gang initiation where a recruit has to drive around with their headlights off and kill whoever flashes their lights. There’s two versions of this one. The second one is the same except that the gang leader is in a different car than usual and goes looking for them and they accidentally kill their leader.  

A woman is driving in a very bad area of town after going to the grocery store. There’s construction and she has to take a detour. It’s a very hot day. She notices a group of men standing by the street. Her car starts to stall and she has a bit of car trouble. They come up to her and start banging on her car. She is able to get her car to work properly and starts to speed off. All the sudden she hears a bang and feels a hot gooey spot on her head. She is afraid she has been shot. She calls the emergency number and an ambulance arrives on the scene with police. She was fine. She forgot that she had cookie dough in the backseat in the bang was the sound of the cookie dough exploding and then a bit landed on the back of her head. 

What’s your favorite Urban Legend? 

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