Friday, October 18, 2019

Buying a car online

In our world today, you can get almost anything you want online and sent to your home.  While it is convenient, there are some things that are cheaper if you actually go buy them at a store. Food is usually cheaper. It’s cheaper when you go and buy it yourself. The only down side of that is when you don’t have time and tend to put extra stuff in your cart. You can get food from many restaurants delivered for  a hefty fee vs picking it up. You may not have time to do so, really you are paying for convenience. 

Another item you may not want to buy online is a car. The internet is great when it comes to learning about cars and looking at your car dealership’s inventory. Purchasing vehicles from websites like eBay or Facebook is not a good idea. I am a firm believer in knowing exactly what you are buying. I always recommend going to a dealership. This way you are seeing it, testing it, and making sure that it works. That’s really hard to do when you can’t see it in person. The seller could say that they only drive it on Sundays to church and it runs well. Even though the seller would say it ran well, it becomes their opinion. What exactly does well mean? It could vary from person to person. It’s not considered false advertising if they say the car runs well. It’s a matter of opinion. 

There are also still quite a few scams with buying cars online. It  could be easy to be taken. Some scammers prey on people who don’t have a lot of money. Scamming is wrong but it’s almost worse when someone is just trying to make ends meet. They will take your money and say the car will be shipped to you and you never see it or your money again. 

If you did find a seller who was legitimate online how are you going to pick up the car? Having a car shipped is expensive. It would be better to look at your local car dealership and see if they have the car or can get it for you. They have connections that we don’t. Let the dealership handle it. They will give you a fair price and at least you know where the car is coming from and that you won’t get pulled over because the car is stolen. That has happened before. You would probably be out of luck. Always buy from a dealership it’s the safest and easiest way to purchase a car. 

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