Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Old Spaghetti Factory Cotton Candy Drink


We love going to The Old Spaghetti Factory downtown. Noah always gets a delicious cotton candy drink called the Cotton Candy Limeade. He loves cotton candy almost as much as I do. It's his favorite part of going to The Old Spaghetti Factory. My cousin's kids also like the Cotton Candy Limeade. It's a cotton candy flavored drink with cotton candy on the straw. 

I had purchased a snow cone set while we were in Florida. I realized like a week later, I could clone this drink. I had cotton candy snow cone syrup. I am assuming they use a different kind of cotton candy syrup. I thought what the heck and tried it. I found cotton candy on clearance at the store before I had this epiphany. Either way I own my own cotton candy machine.I didn't make cotton candy for the drink this time.


Here's the recipe:
4 tablespoons of cotton candy snow cone syrup. 
Fill with lemon lime soda and ice
Add a squirt of lime juice.
Top with a piece of cotton candy on the straw. 

I had Noah try it and he said it was right. You may have to add more cotton candy syrup if you want it to taste stronger. I made up the recipe so I didn't want to add too much. 

Enjoy and stay tuned tomorrow for another homemade Sheilacakes original clone.

Monday, October 3, 2022

Adventures of Pumpkee!

The Original Pumpkee 2013
We always carve pumpkins for Halloween. When Noah was only 7 weeks old, I carved a little pumpkin with a screwdriver. It was a pumpkin I bought at the apple orchard. When Noah was one, I tried to get him to touch the pumpkin insides, he freaked out. He ran away. He tried to protect me from it. It made for some interesting photos. I learned quickly that I had to do it all by myself. I am a horrible carver. I am left handed and well, it’s just a win when I can carve it. I tend to make very simple shapes. One year I went crazy and decided to carve a sea life theme in the pumpkin. It took me forever but it was so cool. I was very proud of it. It was a masterpiece.

Sealife Pumpkin 2011
When Noah was seven years old, I carved a face in the pumpkin and he loved it. It was very simple. He had grown very fond of it. He named it Pumpkee. When Halloween was over and it started to get mushy, it was time to say goodbye to Pumpkee. He was so distraught. He was sobbing and inconsolable. I felt horrible for throwing away Pumpkee, but I had to. I had a brilliant idea. I told Noah that Pumpkee would come back next year. 

So, the next year, I carved Pumpkee again. I recreated him exactly. Every year since Pumpkee comes back for Halloween. He still hates when it’s time to throw Pumpkee away but he knows that he will be back. Pumpkee always comes back. 

I told Noah that he has to make sure Pumpkee comes back every year for forever with his kids and grandkids. So, this year Pumpkee will be back and we will probably carve another cat. I am glad that Noah doesn’t judge me by my pumpkin carving skills.