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Sheilacakes is a PR friendly blog. My name is Sheila. I live in the Tampa St. Petersburg Florida area.  I have been blogging since July, 2009. I love to work with companies and help promote different products. I love to share reviews with my readers. I believe that when a person truly believes in a product, they should share it with family and friends. I have always been the go to person when it comes to new products.  Word of mouth is very important and I love to talk about different things.  Ever since I was young, I have had a passion for products.  I love to try new things. I used to get together with friends and talk about toys, fashion and makeup even at a young age.  I have always been an entrepreneur, in first grade I started selling colored coloring book pages, which I sold door to door.  I spent my summers having a season long Kool-Aid stand, complete with a snack bar.  When I wasn’t running my snack bar, I sold handmade stationary.  I started my love of businesses when I was in elementary school.  I have always been extremely social.   After I became a mom, being a blogger was the perfect job for me.  I have always had a passion for writing and I have a unique writing style. I can really relate to my readers and love to share my own personal stories in my writing.

 I have worked with many companies and PR firms since I started Sheilacakes.  I have worked with many major brands as well as small businesses. Several of the companies I have worked with are Disney, Nestle, Boogie Wipes, Country Bob’s, Dove, TJ Maxx, Choice Hotels, ChapStick, St. Louis CVC, J&J Snack Foods, Oreck and Glade.  I am an expert on the Sprout For Parents website.   I have also been featured on different brands websites. You can find more of the companies I have worked with on my site. 

My review team also includes my son Noah. He is six. I know that sounds really young, but he loves to try new toys, books, DVDs, clothes and foods. He is working on his typing skills, it will be a few more years before he can actually write reviews for himself, but I don’t mind sharing what he thinks too.  He is great at expressing his likes and dislikes about everything. He is extremely articulate and thinks I have the coolest job in the world.  Some of his interests are sea life, fish, fishing, space, LEGOs, planes, animals, and science. He also loves to read and learn.

Some of the products I am interested in reviewing are:
Household items
Women’s Items
Food and beverage
Boys’ items
Kitchen and Cooking items
All Pitches will be considered.

I love to cook and bake. I have always created my own recipes.  I grew up in the kitchen. I used to cook with my mom and grandma.  For as long as I can remember I was in the kitchen. When I was in elementary school I would make bread from scratch on snow days.  I used to have orders for my cookies from friends and neighbors. I have been blogging recipes I have created and would love to create delicious recipes using your products.  I love the challenge of coming up with something new. I have been teaching Noah to cook for a while, and he loves to be in the kitchen as much as I do. He really likes to try what we make. It instills a sense of pride and teaches him different math and science skills.

Living in beautiful Florida is definitely a change from growing up in Indiana. I am also available for local events as well as events in Florida.  I love to support local businesses and companies. I try to shop local whenever I can.  I know that there is a lot to offer down here and it is also a great travel location. From the beautiful beaches to the amazing hotels, this area is so much fun to live in and I would love to do more local promotion.   Noah and I love to be outside. We love to explore different places together.

I am also available for Brand Trips. I would love to represent your brand and learn more about your company. I feel that I am a great candidate because I am a very passionate person and I have great ideas. I would love to share my thoughts with you in a face to face setting. I would love to get in there and see how things are done. I feel that once you experience being in the heart of a company you truly can relate and understand all the hard work that they do. It makes it more personal. I would love to have my voice and my readers’ voices heard. I feel like I not only represent Sheilacakes, but I also represent my readers and moms everywhere. I would love to open up a dialogue with you.

 I am very interested in Press Trips. I also love to travel. It is one of my greatest passions. I am the go to person when it comes to sharing the best places to visit or stay. I think of every trip as an adventure and a chance to experience a new place and culture. Even in the US each state and region is different and I believe you don't have to go to an exotic place to have a great time. Some of my favorite vacations are random places my family has decided to visit.  I am a very family oriented person; my son loves to travel too. He went on his first vacation when he was two months old. I would love to check out some great places to take family. I am a single mom so vacations for my family have to be affordable and lots of fun. I know that having both of those elements can be kind of tricky.  I am also a big advocate that every mom needs mommy time or should go on kid free trips with her friends. It replenishes us, makes us once again ready for motherhood.  So, if you are looking for a traveling mom blogger to check out your hotel, location or city  I  would love to help.

Sheilacakes is available for:
Reviews and Giveaways
Press Trips
Brand Trips
Twitter Parties
VA Work
Blogging for your site

I would love to discuss opportunities that we can work together further. Thank you for taking the time to consider Sheilacakes for all your PR needs. I look forward to working with you.

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