Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Camping in Florida

Lately Noah has been obsessed with camping. He talks about it constantly. Most of the time he talks about wanting to go camping in Florida, not sure why he always picks Florida but I think it would be awesome to camp on the beach. I wonder if they make special camping tents for camping on the beach. It would be amazing to camp at Fort Desoto, which happens to be my mom’s favorite beach. I would be kind of afraid that out camping gear would be swept out to sea during high tide. I am sure we wouldn’t camp really close to the water, so the odds of that happening would be slim to none. Of course you know days before if a hurricane is coming and so I think it would be pretty safe. I would love to wake up in the morning and unzip my tent and see the beautiful ocean and have my lungs full of the sea air. Talk about the perfect view.

My whole family loves the beach. I think my mom would be perfectly happy with a tent on the beach somewhere. She loves it that much. I am not sure if I could picture my mom camping on the beach as a residence, but I am sure we would have a great time camping together as a family. You can really camp many places. In the woods, at the beach, in your backyard, all that matters is you have fun with your loved ones and stay safe of course. Right now we can’t have open fires in my county because it has been so dry this summer. No campfires, bonfires or fire pits. So my longing to roast marshmallows will have to wait until another day. Noah wants to roast flowers. I don’t think he fully understood the meaning of roast. I spent the day explaining what roasting is and how it is not safe to do it in a tent. Shortly after our conversation he decided that he rather roast marshmallows.


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  1. I totally want to go camping in my living room! ROFL too cold to camp outside!