Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sorry, Your Email has been Compromised

Have you guys been getting a lot of e-mails about your e-mail address being compromised? I have.  It seems like a lot of the big-name companies that I have signed up for their e-mail newsletters lately have been compromised. I assume that's because they all used the same service called epsilon. I have probably have received at least five e-mails from different companies saying that they are sorry but your e-mail has been compromised. But it's only your e-mail not your information or credit card numbers and it also reminds you not to open e-mails and click on links from people you don't know. Which of course is a great reminder but at the same time it kind of bothers me because if my e-mail address is compromise what else could be compromised. It makes me leery to participate and their websites anymore. I personally already get enough spam e-mail as is I don't need more.

Some of the companies that I received e-mails from so far our target Walgreen's Hilton Marriott and HSN. I know it's just our e-mail and all that's going to happen is  that we might get more spam but NL hadn't felt like they should have done a better job about it. I really think that they should've been up-to-date where the best software where something like this would not happen.  Sure it could be worse it could be all of our credit card numbers and our addresses and then we would have people pretending to be us from Nigeria scamming other people and end up on shows like Judge Judy or the people's court. I know the chances of that happening are pretty small but you never know. I know I've talked about e-mail scams before and I'm not saying that the breaches in the is a scam but it opens us up to being scammed even more and you better know what the scammed are like obviously you're not going to a win 10 million trillion dollars from some bank and Japan or something. You know that is not going to happen like my mom always says that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. And even though  it's been going on for 10 years, people still fall for that kind of scam.

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